Autoclave Portable

Single walled made of stainless steel welded and polished inside and outside. Cover stainless steel die-pressed. Fitted with pressure gauge, pressure control valve, handle and opening knobs, replaceable header of 2.0 kw with cord wire and plug working on 230 vac.

Size : 12" dia x 12" height.
Autoclave : Vertical
Inner body is made of heavy gauge SS sheet all joints welded. The lid and the ring are made of press SS

Working Size Rating
12" Dia X 20" Depth 2.0 Kw
14" Dia X 22" Depth 3.0 Kw
18" Dia X 24" Depth 4.0 Kw
22" Dia X 30" Depth 6.0 Kw
We also provide Automatic Pressure with water level arrangement


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