IR FTIR Accessories

KBR press :
The press is intended for for making uniform pellet for solid sampling.
• Compact in design - manual
• Capacity of 15 ton
• light weight and easy operations
• Continue monitoring of pressure during operations
• Acrylic cover for safety of operator

• 13mm SS KBR die and pellet holder
• Spare tungsten carbide anvil, plungers
• Dies for sizes 5mm to 40mm
• Agate mortar and pestle
• Spectroscopic grade KBR
• Nujal

Dry Box This storage device is basically used for storage of hygroscopic material, samples, optics cells and other applications. It can be used at room temperature or up 40 - 50c. The temperature is controlled by thermostat. It is having air tight, see through acrylic cover on the top. Nacl / KBr Windows / Cells For Liquid Samples Crystals / Blanks are ideal for mulls, smears and qualitative testing. Available polished window in round / rectangle shapes. Nacl / Kbr / Caf2 / AgCl / Csl / ZnSe Windows Are Available. Sealed liquid cells and demountable Cells-Nacl And KBr. These sealed cells are used for precision analysis. Cells with path length 0.1, 0.2, & 0.5 Can be supplied

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